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[entries type=”portfolio” count=”3″ column_size=”one-third” excerpt_length=”37″][box with_bg=”true”][one_fourth][icon_text icon=”tools_paint-brush.png” icon_position=”top” box=”false”][heading type=’h3′ no_top_padding=’true’]Styling & Color[/heading]

Arcadia comes in over 15 different color schemes that you can pick from. This gives you the ability to give your site personality and you can match with the color that fits your business best.

[/icon_text][/one_fourth][one_fourth][icon_text icon=”tools_tools.png” icon_position=”top” box=”false”][heading type=’h3′ no_top_padding=’true’]Customizable[/heading]

The admin panel gives you tons of options to customize your site till it fits your needs exactly. The possibilities are endless, but to make it usable for everyone it also works right out of the box.

[/icon_text][/one_fourth][one_fourth][icon_text icon=”settings_cog-5.png” icon_position=”top” box=”false”][heading type=’h3′ no_top_padding=’true’]Framework[/heading]

Arcadia is based on rock solid HTML5/CSS3 frontend code. The modular WordPress framework was build with flexibility in mind and is state of the art to make your site as functional as it can be.
[/icon_text][/one_fourth][one_fourth last][icon_text icon=”power_power.png” icon_position=”top” box=”false”][heading type=’h3′ no_top_padding=’true’]Shortcodes[/heading]

The theme makes use of shortcodes. A generator helps you customize and even preview the shortcode with just a few clicks. You don’t have to memorize all you codes anymore.


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St. Petersburg, FL 33715